Nike Lyu3 Bu4

Nike Lyu3 Bu4

As domestic running boom is higher and higher, the peacetime to wear running shoes, and to provide comfort when running the species is becoming more and more the world's first big sporting goods company, NIKE's running shoes is also a wide variety.The emergence of the NIKE FREE FLYKNIT MERCURIAL SP, but also embodies the NIKE in the leading position of functional design.While the shoes were Chinese fans to lu bu.

From NIKE FREE FLYKNIT MERCURIAL SP can be seen in the name, this pair of shoes with the sole of the NIKE FREE technology, also is the concept NIKE launched barefoot, let you wear shoes walking barefoot in the same feel.

The FLYKNIT is NIKE launched in recent years, and as a main weaving technology, give you wear shoes like the feeling of wearing socks.

Actually "lyu3 bu4" or "small lyu3 bu4" glorious history of the past, need not I say more?In NIKE "Fried price guarantee" trio HTM blessings, this bring up the hose shoes fashion in recent years was the father of the $ten thousand level.

Alexander wang before hand adidas, NIKE color is black and white shoe money the loyal cluster, however, and Eugene Tong "lyu3 bu4" role, this pair of black price once tens of thousands of HTM fry.

In a word, is to make your shoes but I felt like not wearing.NIKE this brag capability is still to be reckoned with.And the shape of the shoe design inspiration comes from NIKE's soccer shoes MERCURIAL series.So it's safe to say this pair of shoes is the NIKE shoe, this design has seen so many times in the JORDAN series.

Autumn prize at a news conference in 2014, fans of the world's favourite cristiano ronaldo was stamped on the blue version of this shoe in an interview, herald a new color matching is not far from sale already.Because of the shoes design inspiration comes from the football shoes, so by cristiano ronaldo on foot as a new color for the first time exposure is is a match made in heaven.

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